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Daytona Beach Prop. Mgmt Company Hires Connexion

Daytona Beach Property Management Firm Hires Connexion!

DBPM, a property manager in Florida just hired us to redesign their logo and their website. After discussing their goals, here is the first concept we came up with.



They liked both concepts and took a few days to decide. After discussing with their team, they decided that option #1 best represented their company. They liked how the blue matched the colors of Daytona (a beach town) and that the blue tones also conveyed trust (something to reinforce when dealing with home rental investments).


Ultimately, they’re very happy with the design and are now discussing a website redesign with the Connexion team!

Jacksonville Property Management Firm Redesign

We received a call from the owners of JPM, Jacksonville Property Management. They were unhappy with their circa 1990′s logo. Being we specialize in real estate graphic design, they had heard about us and wanted us to take a crack at updating it. So we started with our typical package, which you’ll see below. It’s a concept of at least 2 (sometimes 3) different designs. Our goal is to make the designs fit the brand, and also to convey something about the company (be it professionalism, responsiveness, attention to detail, etc).

After reviewing the old logo, here was our initial round of concepts.

You can see, 3 totally different looks! The first was a simple design, focusing on just the house. A little clip art looking now that we look back on it. The middle design was definitely a more custom look with the outline of the house. The third design was nice too, conveying a sense of swiftness which is important in the rental management business.

Ultimately the client chose design #2.


They liked that it had a little bit of a construction/blueprint feel to it. Because they are so hands on in managing their properties, this fit them the best. Not quite as modern as design #3 but it fit them better. Watch out Jacksonville! You’ve got a hot new look in the market now!

Design for FMPM

We recently made this design for Fort Myers Florida Property Managers- a company called FMPM. Being they are located in Florida, we wanted to capture some tropical colors and give it a look that matched the nice weather they have year round there. Of course, focusing the design around a home, as they are in the real estate business, made sense. Here were our intro designs.


After showing our client these previews, which do you think they chose? Well, here is the winner below!


They loved this design! They felt it captured the nice green grass, the waves, and the abundance of property that is in Fort Myers. We will then help to turn this into other collateral material, and also a fully functioning website for them.